From the patient’s first contact with our team at Dr. John Sarbak’s office you will realize that we offer a unique personalized experience. Our practice is set up to spend time with every one of our patients. We allow one hour for each new patient encounter. Every member of our staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and experienced. Our goal is to assist all of our guests not only in making an informed decision but one that is safe
and right for each individual’s needs.

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Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

Since performing his first
transumbilical breast augmentation
in 2000 Dr. John M. Sarbak has been
intrigued by this approach and its
results. It gives patients the opportunity to completely avoid scars upon the breasts. It is performed through a small incision within the belly button that tends to heal extremely well leaving little to no evidence of surgery. Dr. Sarbak and his staff have been particularly impressed with the minimal recovery involved.

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In addition to making patients
look better, Dr. John M. Sarbak
wants to create youthful and at the
same time natural results. These are
important concepts because many of
today’s popular techniques bring about results
that make patients look like they have had surgery. Some of the most tell tale signs include hollow upper and lower eyelids, skin pulled tightly across the cheeks, and ear lobes that lose their dangle (pixie ears). Dr. Sarbak pays strict attention to detail in an effort to avoid these tell-tale signs.

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Body Contouring

More and more patients are
doing their best to get into better
shape. Diet and exercise play a
vital role in this effort. Many, however
reach a plateau where it seems that no
matter how hard they try certain problem areas remain. Sometimes people are left with excess tissue after weight loss or pregnancy. In these situations, all of the diet and exercise in the world can only help to a certain point. Dr. John M. Sarbak has the training and experience to help patients achieve the improvements that they are looking for.

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Office Location

John M. Sarbak, M.D., P.A.
3735 11th Circle, Suite 203
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Phone: (772) 563-0930

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Our Surgery Center

Dr. John M. Sarbak’s in-office surgery suite carries the latest in medical and safety equipment. It is certified by AAAASF and registered with the State of Florida Department of Health. We offer RN-supervised overnight stays for patients undergoing more involved procedures (usually those lasting 5 hours or longer).


Traveling Patients

Patients frequently travel to see
Dr. John M. Sarbak from West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and other locations from throughout the state of Florida. We also have patients come in from the rest of the country (especially New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania) and around the world (Belize, Peru, Italy, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, the Bahamas, and the United Kingdom). Vero Beach is a beautiful coastal town on the eastern (Atlantic) shore of Florida’s Treasure Coast. It is located close to I-95 and has an excellent private airport.

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