Mastopexy (No Implant)

Breast lifts or mastopexies are ideal for women who experience breast sagging after pregnancy or significant weight loss or simply the effects of gravity over time. The operation itself is accomplished essentially by tightening the skin envelope while rearranging the underlying breast tissue and elevating the nipple position. There are multiple techniques available to reposition the tissue. The technique that Dr. John M. Sarbak recommends will depend upon each individual’s unique situation.

The operation itself usually involves a surgical incision that extends around the nipple/areola along the border of the pigmented skin and the native breast skin. When dealing with large movements in nipple position and/ or large amounts of excess skin an additional surgical incision is required that extends vertically down towards the breast fold. On occasion this surgical scar may need to be extended horizontally within the breast fold.

In some patients rearrangement of the breast tissue alone is adequate to restore the breast to a youthful shape. Other patients require the addition of a breast implant which provides fullness especially in the upper aspect of the breast. Saline or silicone implants can be used.

Breast lift techniques can also address asymmetries with a patient’s nipple sizes and/or positions. They can provide significant benefit both for women with developmental differences and surgically-created differences, such as after breast cancer surgery.

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