Breast Reduction

Large breasts can be associated with a number of different medical concerns including: neck, back, shoulder and arm pain. Rashes can affect the undersurface of the breasts. Patients can even develop painful grooves in the shoulder area from bra straps. Over time large breasts become more susceptible to the effects of gravity. The tissue can sag and the nipple position starts turning downward.

Breast reduction surgery is designed to remove the extra weight and reshape the breast. In order to accomplish this external scars are required. Traditionally the scars are shaped almost like an anchor, extending around the areola (pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) and downward from the 6:00 position to the breast crease where it extends out to either side. In some cases we are able to minimize or even eliminate the scar within the crease leaving what is known as the “lollipop incision.”

For patients who have extra tissue that extends toward the armpit, this can usually be addressed with liposuction.

After breast reduction surgery, our patients seem very relieved that the extra weight is gone.

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