Brow Lift

It is easy to think of a procedure such as a brow lift as being pretty standard. If you were to look at the next 15 people that you encounter, you may soon see how different people are. Some patients have high or thinning hairlines. Some have deep wrinkles. Some have two or three rows of these wrinkles while others have five or more. There are those with deep vertical wrinkles between their eyebrows. There are patients with high eyebrow positions and those with low ones. They may be higher towards the nose or towards the temples. Some may have wrinkles in the eyebrows themselves (usually a sign of deflation or fat loss). Some may have already had surgery. Some may have scars from previous trauma (falling off of a bicycle as a child). One side is almost always different from the other.

One procedure couldn’t possibly fit everyone’s needs. That is why Dr. John M. Sarbak performs five different types of brow lifts (each one with room for subtle variation). Dr. Sarbak must also consider how this procedure will influence the upper eyelids and overall facial harmony.

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