Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is one of life’s miracles. It can also bring about certain changes within your body. Dr. John M. Sarbak and his staff and I would like to help you address some of these “side effects”.

In the abdomen our goal is to create a contour approaching what it was prior to pregnancy. In certain situations a “tummy tuck” can even create an appearance better than your pre-pregnancy shape.

Breast feeding and even pregnancy in general can bring about alterations in the breast. These alterations can include stretched skin, lower nipple position, loss of fullness (especially in the upper part), and overall deflation (sagging). These conditions can be addressed surgically and may involve volume restoration (with an implant), lifting of the nipple position, tightening of the skin , or any combination thereof.

Sometimes a little liposuction is in order to serve as a “jumpstart” to help get you back on track towards a healthy mix of diet and exercise.

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