Cutera Laser Procedures


Titan is designed to heat the dermis (deeper layer of the skin) and bring about tightening. The results are not equivalent to what can be accomplished surgically, but is an option if you are not quite ready for surgery or have a medical condition or conditions that would make surgery unsafe. Usually at least two treatments are required to bring about improvements. The most common areas of treatment include the neck, jowls, and lower face.


The Limelight is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device designed to treat red and brown spots on the face, neck and decollete (upper central chest). You may require anywhere between one and three treatments (depending on the severity of your situation). Results are seen within a couple of weeks. You may have some mild redness for a couple of hours and in rare cases a day or two after the procedure. You can wear makeup. Brown spots will darken and then fade or flake off. The procedure is relatively quick. A cool soothing gel is utilized during the treatment. Anesthetics are almost never needed.

Prowave (hair removal)

This device provides permanent hair reduction for men and women over a wide range of skin types. The device in action feels like mild pinching or stinging. Most of the time anesthetic is not needed except for very sensitive areas. The treatment head is large and fast, making it ideal to treat large areas such as a woman’s legs, or a man’s back. You may require two to four sessions depending on the hair density of the targeted area. This is because the device treats active hair follicles. They are not all active at the same time. You may also benefit from maintenance therapy every year or two.

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