Hair Restoration Treatments

If you are noticing areas of thinning hair or bald spots, Dr. John Sarbak offers advanced options to help you restore your hair with successful results. The NeoGraft™ and NeoLTS treatments have proven to significantly improve areas affected by hair loss through less invasive procedures than manual transplantation. Depending on your specific needs, our plastic surgeon can help you find the right solution to reach your aesthetic goals.


The NeoGraft™ is a state-of-the-art hair transplantation system that offers hope for both men and women suffering from hair loss. It utilizes an automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) system that harvests individual hair follicles from the back of the patient’s head and transplants them to the balding area. The automated device allows for better precision and a faster treatment compared to a manual hair transplantation.


After patients undergo this minimally-invasive procedure, they often see a significant difference in hair thickness. NeoGraft™ also offers the following advantages for many patients:

  • Little to no discomfort
  • No stitches or staples
  • No linear scar
  • Faster recovery
  • Results can be very natural-looking

Overall, the advanced technology can be a more attractive option for patients wishing to regrow lost hair without the long treatment and recovery process associated with other hair replacement techniques.


The NeoGraft™ procedure typically appeals more to people than the linear-harvest technique because the automated FUE device can provide a good outcome without leaving a linear scar. As a result, patients who wish to wear a short haircut can undergo a hair transplantation without worrying about others detecting that they had a hair replacement procedure. Additionally, more people are able to undergo the treatment since it requires less recovery time and is often more comfortable than a manual transplantation.


With the NeoGraft™ treatment, Dr. Sarbak harvests individual hair follicles using a suction device. Each individual follicle is then transferred from the donor site to the targeted area of concern. Since the FUE system does not utilize a scalpel or remove an entire strip of scalp for transplantation, patients can often benefit from more natural-looking results. The minimally-invasive nature of the procedure allows patients to resume their normal activities faster, and they can typically return to work the next day.


The NeoLTS light therapy system has been proven to improve the health and appearance of your hair and skin. The device uses blue, near-infrared, and red wavelengths to address your aesthetic concerns. The non-invasive procedure can help you achieve thicker, stronger hair. In addition, the NeoLTS can work to improve skin texture and clarity, ranging from conditions such as skin pigmentation to acne and wrinkles.

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